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Our mission is to provide stress-free, expert help with all of your diamond and jewelry needs, for less than retail store prices. Share ideas with our jewelry team to make your own designs or to select unique items from our special jewelry collections. Enjoy personalized service and a hand picked diamond selection that meets your specifications.

Our three tiered approach will ensure you are absolutely delighted with your purchase:

1) The best quality diamonds and jewelry anywhere – store or internet

At Choice Carats, we sell only GIA, EGL, AGS or PGS certificated diamonds. These are the world's leading and most respected diamond laboratories. We work very hard to insure that the diamond you receive perfectly matches your needs. We offer diamonds of all cut qualities to fit all tastes and budgets, but our emphasis is on premium and ideal cut diamonds.

When making such a large investment, it is simply crucial to work with an expert in the field. No data from any website will tell you if the diamond is beautiful. What about "fire" - the brilliance, scintillation, and dispersion of light that enters the diamond?

You simply cannot know what the diamond will ultimately look like by reading a list of diamonds, even if the diamond is "ideal cut". We will work very closely with you and assure you receive the most beautiful diamond possible within your spending range.

Also, we sell only natural, untreated diamonds. None of our diamonds have been treated, altered, irradiated, laser drilled, fracture filled, clarity or color enhanced in any way.

2) The best possible prices on diamonds and diamond jewelry anywhere – store or internet

How do we offer extremely competitive pricing? My partners are direct diamond importers with offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Mumbai, India. We buy our polished diamonds at extreme discounts and those savings are passed along to you. Combined with our low-overhead structure, traditional stores and most other internet sites simply cannot compete .

3) Unmatched service

Please see our testimonials page as an example of our service. We are committed to helping you get the best choices to suit your needs. If you are unsatisfied, please follow our simple return directions for a hassle-free transaction.

All jewelry comes in a gorgeous wood presentation box with a free appraisal and free shippiung

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